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Come rain or shine, Better Together Games

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Come rain or shine, the 2019 Better Together Games continued and created an opportunity for departments to compete against each other in a number of sports codes while building morale.

At the end of October, Western Cape Government staff descended on Stellenbosch University to participate in the annual Better Together Games. The Games was originally started to promote an active and healthy lifestyle amongst staff but has developed into an important networking event that allow staff from various departments to get to know each other and build stronger relationships while supporting their colleagues competing during the Games.

Due to heavy rain throughout the day, the organisers was unfortunately forced to cancel all outdoor sport codes due to safety concerns. This led to a hall filled to capacity and an unusually large crowd supporting competitors in the indoor categories. The energy in the hall was infectious and fueled the energy of supporters and competitors alike.

The unfortunate weather did not place a damper on the mood of PT staff who made the best of the situation and decided to congregate inside the hall to spend more time with their colleagues and to support the participants of the indoor activities.

Good food and music brought people together and provided the entertainment needed to maintain the energy levels of the crowd. Although it was cold, wet and miserable outside, the inside of the hall was warm and cosy.

Let’s hope for better weather next year and even more support for competitors.


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