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Discussing internships with Minister Maynier

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221A5701By Ninah Hendricks

This was my first meeting with Minister Maynier and I must admit that I was a bit nervous, as it is not often that you get an opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with our leaders.

Being given the opportunity to share my views and experience as a Graduate Intern with our Department’s new strategic leader was a bit daunting at first. Even though the Minister is in the public eye, he was slightly camera shy at first. It became easier once we got into the conversation. He was interested to hear about my educational background and even asked about where I see myself going career wise.

After being within the Public Service for over two years, one obtains a more informed perception of the dire situation plaguing our communities and just how limited the resources available to government are. The Minister prompted me to share my views on what could be done to improve graduates’ interest in pursuing a career in the Public Service.

The current bursary programme is a significant platform to attract the youth and future leaders of the South African economy; specifically, those who would not have been able to afford to further their studies otherwise.

Click here to view a short video with Minister Maynier.

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