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Empowering PT’s women

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This women’s month the Provincial Treasury hosted a women’s day event with a difference. Besides motivational speakers dealing with a number of topics such as career development, a self-defence demonstration was also done to ensure that the women of Treasury has basic ideas of how to protect themselves from an attacker.

More about the guests speakers:

Natalie Jardine – Small town girl Natalie moved to Cape Town after high school in pursuit of her dream. Natalie shared how she overcame obstacles and achieved a healthy work/life balance. Not only is Natalie maintaining her healthy lifestyle after losing 38kg, she also started her own business, Loudest Noises, providing marketing and communication strategy services to her clients.

Mymona Toffa-Ross – Is a self-defence and safety training expert. Growing up in the back streets of Hanover Park in the apartheid era, wasn’t easy. At the age of 21, a gang member pointed a gun to her head because she laughed at something funny that happened, however he thought she was laughing at him. What happened next she promised herself will never happen to her again. She took steps to never feel that vulnerable again. Walking the streets of Hanover Park, you see/hear everything from rape, abuse, house breakings and assaults. After 35 years of martial arts she now empower women to protect themselves by teaching self–defence or unarmed combat. Visit for more information.

Fadwa Cozyn – Is a Spiritual Behavioural and Energy Specialist, trained and qualified in Therapeutic Reflexology, Applied and Specialised Kinesiology, Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Lymphatic drainage, NLP and Founder of Mobile Therapies. After numerous workshops and sessions, especially with women, she realized that her love for fashion and clothing can be combined in her work, as she is already helping them work on their inner beauty and strength and can now also add the “outer beauty” elements. This is where Opulence Africa was born. Her items are unique, handpicked and stylish. Her passion for what she does is what truly inspired others!

A few exhibitors attended the event and sponsored prizes for the best dressed PT females.





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