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To some the 14th of February is just another day of the year, but to most it’s a day where they can share and show how much they care and love someone. One day a man change that and his name was Saint Valentine.

During the 3rd Century many Romans were converting to a different religion but the Emperor of that time was a pagan (a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions) and created strict laws for those people. Emperor Claudius believed that the Roman soldiers should be devoted to the cause and therefore forbade them of getting married. He even went as far as to pass a law.

St Valentine however began marrying these soldiers in secret and this was the beginning of his reputation. He believed in the importance of love.

Eventually Valentine was caught and jailed for his crimes against the Emperor. During the time he was jailed he cared for the prisoners and even for his jailers blind daughter. As his final act of love he cured her blindness and even wrote her a letter, signing it “from your valentine”. He was then executed on the 14th of February and the rest is history.

This day is not only to be appreciated by couples but by friends and co-workers too and with that being said, for the month of February let us spread love to those around us in any way. Whether it be a message or making the coffee in the morning, let us just spread the love throughout Provincial Treasury.

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