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Bonvoyage Ella

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Article by Tania Bosser


The Provincial Treasury is officially saying goodbye to one of its staff members known by most – Ella Smit. Today is her last day at Treasury before she start her well deserved retirement.

The following describes Ella as per her name:

E – is for the elegance and poise with which you dealt with all stakeholders

L– is for the loyalty you have shown to Government over the years

L – is for the leadership portrayed and the sterling job done

A – is for the accuracy and eloquence with which you dealt with all information

To a woman worth her salt as they say in the bible. How can we compare Ella but to a woman who broke all the boundaries and barriers in carrying out tasks and favours. You are truly a woman of statue and as we reflect on your time in the Western Cape Government we can only say thank you to a truly remarkable woman with a magnanimous heart and the patience of Job.

May the world be your oyster and may you seek to achieve all your endeavours that life has to offer and be like a candle in the wind.

We salute you as a phenomenal woman who goes above and beyond what is expected and gives of herself unselfishly to serve her community at large. You are indeed the pillar on which we depended and an exceptional woman of strength and set the example for others to follow.



It gives me great pleasure to recognize, respect and appreciate your unselfish dedication of 47 years of service to this organisation / administration. 

Your long and hard hours of labour have been invaluable to the success of this Government – just think of the Provincial Budget!

They say people are the most valuable resource in any department, which is no more evident than in your case. You are a true embodiment of Batho Pele, People First, I care, I serve.

I can personally attest to your dedication and deep commitment  to manage projects, lead your team, and work tirelessly with others to reach outcomes.

You approached your responsibilities with a devotion I have never encountered in all my years of service!

Your qualities will be tremendously missed. I am not sure how we will cope without you!

You set the example for us. It is now for us to live up to your legacy of life long dedication and unselfish commitment to exceptional service.

Congratulations on an outstanding career and our best wishes to you and your family for the future.

May you enjoy good health.

God bless you!


As this is not saying have a good journey wherever you go as you a woman who will always be cherished in our hearts and this is till we meet again.




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