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Vaarwel Mr G!

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Saying goodbye is never easy to do, but after 41 years and 11 months of public service (lets just call it 42 YEARS!), Mr Andre Gildenhuys retired as CFO for Treasury.

After that many years, there must be many stories and here is how the story unfolds….

In 1975, a young Andre Gildenhuys started working as an administrative clerk at the Kokstad Correctional Centre. Little did he know that he would be destined to become the Chief Financial Officer of the Western Cape Treasury.

After working for Correctional Services for many years, Mr Gildenhuys joined National Treasury where he worked for nearly 12 years before taking up a Director position at Provincial Treasury in Cape Town. “Becoming a Director was one of the highlights in my career, maybe because I could finally trade-in my Nissan pick-up for a Mercedes Benz not that I had too much time to enjoy my Merc” says Mr Gildenhuys with a chuckle.

“To be successful, one often has to make sacrifices and that is why I make sure that when we go on family holidays, we spend quality time together. My wife and two daughters are the most important part of my life.

Through the years, especially as CFO, Mr Gildenhuys has had to make difficult decisions.  He shared the following life lessons:

  1. Work your butt off! People will respect it over time – it shows character
  2. Be kind, firm and constant – only now and again is “there room for grey areas”
  3. In in doubt, say NO!
  4. Be vulnerable, we don’t always need to be heroes
  5. Don’t be afraid to apologise
  6. Embrace life
  7. Have two ears and one mouth – listen more and speak less

Mr Gildenhuys thanked his family for their support, the colleagues he worked with over the years and the management team of Provincial Treasury.

After explaining how Sydney Daniels promised to pray for Mr Gildenhuys after he told him to lower the volume of his radio in the office, Sydney advised that all is forgiven and sang a few songs for the CFO on his retirement.

We wish Mr Gildenhuys a happy and adventurous retirement!



Author: eansteenkamp

I'm the head of communication at Treasury and enjoy working with a group of colleagues who is passionate about their work. I'm an animal lover, love nature and taking short hikes in and around Cape Town

One thought on “Vaarwel Mr G!

  1. Wish you all the Best in your retirement Mr G

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