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Zero tolerance to Fraud and Corruption

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During the recent Institute of Internal Auditors Regional Conference, Minister Meyer was a keynote speaker, addressing a number of internal auditing professionals.

“The conference comes at a time when the credibility of the Internal Auditing Profession is going through its greatest challenge yet. The Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa, having spent years of building public confidence in the ability and integrity of its members and the organization as a whole now faces it greatest challenge yet” said Minister Meyer.

According to Meyer, the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA), Mr Kimi Makwetu also highlights the importance of accountability in the management of municipal affairs, starting with appropriate planning focused on the needs of citizens, instituting appropriate internal control and supervision that will ensure proper financial and performance management. Mr Makwetu also refers to respect for the law in the running of municipalities, monitoring by all political and administrative leadership that budget and performance targets are appropriately achieved, and that there are consequences for mismanagement and non-performance. Minister Meyer echoed this view and stated that it is equally applicable to provincial and/or national departments.

“In the Western Cape we have actively and deliberately embraced the three dimensions of good financial governance namely: The normative dimension of good governance, political economy dimension and technical dimension. The Western Cape is currently perceived as relatively fraud and corruption free” said Meyer.

The key drivers to prevent the misuse (corruption) and theft of Provincial resources (inclusive of on local government level) is as follow: Chief Risk Officers; Management; Internal Audit and Audit Committees.

“To protect the brand of the Western Cape from fraud and corruption, we must display zero tolerance to fraud and corruption to the extent that people and public officials believe that reporting of fraud and corruption will have positive outcomes. We must continue and enhance the focus on mGAP and eGAP tools to monitor financial governance, Provincial Treasury must drive the district model to support and enhance assurance processes within municipalities and we must only engage service providers who align to our ethical standards” said Meyer.

Read the full speech here.

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